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HYOC wins bid of supplying air blowing cable to TDC A/S
Since work resumption, HYOC has returned to normal production under coronavirus prevention and control. All work has been carried out orderly and efficiently, and we’ve achieved good progress on air blowing micro cable. Recently, HYOC has successfully won the bid of supplying air blowing cable to TDC A/S through cooperation with agent, which adds new achievements to the company's development.   
The bid we won this time is to supply our leading product: MINI air blowing fiber optic cable which estimates to be about 10,000km. This type of optical cable is mainly used for FTTH which has the characteristics of small diameter, light weight and excellent air blowing performance. In various comparison tests with products of world-renowned manufacturers, our cable has superior performance. The products are mainly sold to developed regions such as Europe, and have been praised during the customer's usage.